How Engaging Your Audience on Social Media Builds Trust and Increases Conversions

Social media is the ideal tool for engaging your audience and building trust in your brand. It can help you to increase conversions and grow your sales so that you can expand your business.

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Building trust in your brand is essential if you want to ensure you have a steady customer base. If people don’t trust your brand, they won’t want to risk buying your products or services. In this digital world, social media has become one of the most important tools for building trust from your audience and therefore increasing conversions. People turn to social media to look for inspiration, to get recommendations, and to engage with brands in various ways, from finding useful content to receiving customer service. By engaging your audience on social media, you can boost your conversions and sales.

A PwC survey found that trust in a brand is a significant factor in how people choose to shop. 37% of survey respondents said that they used social networks to find inspiration for purchases. Additionally, 35% said that trust in a brand was among the top three factors that influenced where they chose to shop. 14% said that trust was the main influencing factor after price. These statistics show that engaging your audience on social media is essential for building trust and increasing conversions.

Use Influencers to Build Trust

One of the ways many brands choose to build trust on social media is through working together with influencers. 49% of consumers say that they depend on influencer recommendations. When someone trusts an influencer, they will be more likely to trust the brands and products that person recommends to them. Forming partnerships with influencers can be a key way to grow brand awareness and to grow trust in your brand through already trusted individuals. It’s important to have influencers who are relevant to your brand promoting your products for the best results.

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Provide Customer Assistance on Social Media

Giving consumers the help that they need is a good way to engage your audience on social media. When customers have queries or comments, they can approach you on social media to find out what they need to know. 60% of people say that delivering customer service is among the best ways brands can use social media, followed by 51% and 45% who said it could be used effectively to introduce and advertise new products, respectively, and 44% who said social media was useful for interacting with brands directly.

Form Emotional Connections with Consumers

Forming emotional connections with consumers is an important part of engaging them. When they are emotionally attached, you can increase sales and boost loyalty. In one survey, 39% of respondents said they were unlikely to become emotionally attached to a brand if they weren’t interacting via social media. Social media helps to form these connections by creating a more personal connection.

Share Values

Sharing your values on social media can also help to build trust in your brand. When people can see that your brand values align with their own values, they are more likely to trust your brand and how you conduct your business.

Use social media to engage your audience and grow trust in your brand, and you can increase conversions and sales.

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