How Jewish Businesses can Connect with Theologically-Aligned Consumers

TevahMedia can help your Jewish business to reach out to and connect with theologically-aligned consumers. A range of marketing methods can help you to find the right customers for your business.

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When your business is run on Jewish values, you may have the desire to connect with consumers whose theological beliefs and values are aligned with yours. Perhaps you wish to raise awareness of your business, as well as other Jewish businesses available for support, among people who are theologically aligned with your business values. While you might not solely be targeting consumers who share your beliefs, they could be a key demographic that makes up an important part of your customer base. If you want to make sure your Jewish business can connect with theologically-aligned consumers, try following the tips below.

Make Your Beliefs and Values Clear

You may want to begin by making it clear what your business’s values and core beliefs are. If your business is founded on certain religious principles and values, advertising this fact can benefit your organization. You can advertise your business as a Jewish business that wishes to provide products or services for Jewish people or others whose religious beliefs might align with yours in some way. Talking about brand values is definitely not a new marketing strategy, but it’s something that you can apply to your business.

Advertise in the Right Places

Advertising in the right places can help you to connect with people whose beliefs align with those of your business. For example, choosing to advertise in Jewish publications or on websites that are relevant to your target audience is a good idea. Make sure you are sending out your message in the most relevant places.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for connecting with people who share your beliefs. People often use social media to seek others like them, including both individuals and brands. Your business should consider using social media to make your brand values clear. Consumers are increasingly aware of the social impact of brands. They want to know not just about your beliefs, but also how those beliefs make a difference in your business practices. Social media advertising also has excellent targeting tools, including the ability to target by religious affiliation.

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Use the Right Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of marketing any business today. If you want your Jewish business to connect with the right audience, you need to use the right keywords. People who are specifically looking for Jewish businesses may be using related phrases to seek them, whether using general keywords like “Jewish businesses” or more specific keywords such as “Jewish fashion boutique.”

Connect with Other Jewish Businesses

Connecting with other businesses is another excellent way of connecting with the consumers that you want. You can share audiences with other Jewish businesses and even engage in cross-promotions. Look for Jewish business organizations and groups to join or seek out other Jewish business owners online, through social media and other channels.

If you want to connect with theologically-aligned customers, a Jewish-owned marketing company can help you too. Contact TevahMedia to find out more.

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