What Tasks Can I Ask

You can ask for just about any WordPress-related tasks, with the exception of plugin development or theme development from scratch.

We can work on the themes you already have or help you find a new one. We can create templates, pages, add and configure plugins, add scripts, customize style, and so on. We can do a lot!

See some examples:

  • Add/edit page or post content
  • Add/remove/edit scripts (JS)
  • Add/remove/edit custom style (CSS)
  • Add/edit/create new page
  • Install/remove/configure plugins
  • Fix technical SEO errors
  • Configure CDN/Cloudflare
  • Migrate site to a new hosting service
  • Add new/change images
  • Add products to shop
  • Add opt-in pop-up
  • Add and configure PayPal or Stripe

And many more…

It can also be something related to your hosting service as long as it is related to your site.

 If you have a project, such as creating a landing page, please send us in parts or sections. Instead of submitting a task titled “Create a landing page”, send as:
 “Create landing page – part 1″ or “Add pricing table”, or “Add testimonials section”, or “Add services section”, and so on.