Who Is Noah Morris?

Noah Morris uses his digital marketing expertise to help Jewish businesses and nonprofit organizations to reach their full potential. He is CEO and Founder of TevahMedia, working with a team of digital experts.

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Noah Morris is a Jewish digital marketing expert who helps Jewish business owners to achieve their full potential through the power of digital marketing. Noah has over a decade of experience working with other Jewish business owners and nonprofits and has provided marketing services to a range of industries. He is passionate about helping Jewish business owners and nonprofit organizations to navigate the complex digital world and ensure they are keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Noah is CEO and Founder of TevahMedia. He started the company with the clear goal of making online marketing simpler and easier for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Noah has built a team of digital marketing experts who handle key areas of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC ads, and social media marketing. Together with his team, Noah provides full-service digital marketing through TevahMedia. He has experience working across various industries and sectors, from fashion to engaging online communities.

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Recognizing that digital marketing is ever-changing and it can be difficult for many to keep up, Noah launched TevahMedia to help businesses and nonprofits manage their digital marketing in an uncomplicated way. The services available from TevahMedia cover all of the most essential aspects of digital marketing, from website design and management to social media. It is also important that Jewish-run businesses are able to access services that understand their philosophy and beliefs, as well as their audience. Noah Morris and TevahMedia provide this service for their clients to ensure they can keep up with the demands of modern customers.

With TevahMedia, Noah has worked with clients including Yeshivas such as Mevaseret and Yishrei Lev. Daily Learning Platforms such as, Steinsaltz Center, Chayenu, and It’s Good to Know (Rabbi Manis Friedman). Nonprofit clients include the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, Just One Life and Hebrew Free Burial Association. Additionally, TevahMedia works with many for profit businesses such as LS Men’s Clothing. Even those who know very little about digital marketing will find a friendly face and a patient approach to marketing their business online when working with Noah and his team. Digital consulting services help businesses and nonprofits to create a solid plan to boost their reputation and grow their visibility online.

Noah is dedicated to helping other Jewish business owners and has been working long-term with several clients to provide them with digital marketing services to grow their brands. Using a personalized approach, Noah and his team learn the needs of each individual client and tailor their marketing campaign to get results.

Noah Morris is an expert in all things digital marketing and is passionate about working with other Jewish businesses and nonprofit organizations to enable them to reach their goals.

Noah attended City University of New York-Queens College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2012. He launched TevahMedia in 2016 and had previously worked in several marketing roles, including Director of Marketing for the Bayswater Players and an Associate with Hebrew Free Burial Association. In addition to running TevahMedia, is also a Kosher and Israeli wine professional and has an Instagram account dedicated to this special interest.


Work with Noah and his team at TevahMedia to create a tailored digital marketing strategy for your brand. Noah takes a personalized approach with every client to help them meet their goals.

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